Why stainless steel straws are better than the glass or bamboo straws?

Metal Steel Straws

Metal Straws are 100% better than any other reusable straw out there. These are proven to be successful due to numerous reasons and we’ll discuss them here only. But, first, we should get a quick roundup on how plastic straws became the toxic we must ditch with all force and will power.

Plastic Straw effect

The United States alone uses 500 million straws per day. Considering that plastic straws are the single-use plastic items, so you are generating heaps of garbage for the planet. These straws are impossible to recycle because of their lightweight. They slip through the recyclers and escape from the dumping ground. The straws are harmful because:

  • They leach BPA chemicals, a toxic substance inside the drinks
  • They can only be used once and then thrown away adding waste
  • They never get degraded or decomposed

You will find the oceans to have the largest dumping ground on the planet where plastic straws are floating in abundance. Marine animals mistake it for food and consume it. The result is a painful death which we have gifted to them. Plastic straws have been a part of every household for many years. Kids, especially, love sipping their drinks through these straws! But, it is time to make a change.

Eco-friendly straws are the solution

There are few alternatives to the plastic straws that can replace the plastic ones with ease. These straws do not harm the environment and protect wildlife from plastic. Plastic straws leach harmful chemicals like BPA which disrupts the hormones inside our body and cause damage to our health. Eco-friendly or non-plastic straws do no such thing. These are actually safe for use and are durable for a lifetime.

Plastic Straw Alternatives

1.Glass Straws

Made using the strongest commercially available glass, these straws can last any testing condition if properly cared. You can see through the glass straws to check whether they are clean or not. They come in a variety of colours and fun shapes which most of us would love. Moreover, these straws are risk-free i.e. no harmful chemical is leached through them.

Things to note about the glass straws

  • Glass straws are breakable just like any other glass
  • These aren’t the safest alternative for children
  • Travelling with a glass straw is not recommended because they could break inside the bag.
  • The straws are BPA-free, lead-free and toxin-free.

The straws aren’t the worst alternative for the plastic straws but there are few others which are better than the glass straws.

2. Bamboo Straws

The straws are made from strong and sustainable bamboo plants. These are tough with no sharp edges or risk of breakage. These are biodegradable products that can be easily decomposed without harming the planet. You will realize their effectiveness once you’ve used them. These are the only straws that are made using 100% natural products, bamboo plant. While you wouldn’t count them as the most durable option, but the straws can last a while!

  • Bamboo straws are very difficult to clean.
  • These add a tropical taste to your drinks and feel a little chalky as well.
  • Wood doesn’t really change temperatures when you drink cold/hot drinks

Still, you shouldn’t count them out because these are a good alternative to plastic straws. Also, these are fairly inexpensive.

3. Metal Straws – The best alternative so far

Few materials could match the sustainability, durability and Eco-friendly nature of the stainless steel. The straws made using SS304 are simply better than any other straw alternative you’ll find. The steel straws are:

  • More durable because these are made of highest-quality food-grade material which is the best
  • Eco-friendly alternatives as they do not leach toxin chemicals to the drink
  • Great conductors of hot and cold temperatures so you can enjoy drinks as they are
  • Reusable products which you can use again and again for years
  • Dishwasher safe and very easy to clean with a brush
  • Highly durable and are difficult to bend or break
  • Available in a variety of shapes like straight or bend steel straws
  • Easy to carry across wherever you go and enjoy sipping from the favourite drinks you love

Stainless steel straws are manufactured using the highest quality steel which is perfect for your drinks. You can easily replace your plastic straws with the metal ones and still enjoy the drinks just like you always did. Metal straws have been here for ages but we have only noticed them now. The need to replace the harmful plastic straws has sent us on a hunting spree for the better alternative. At Steelstraws.in, we provide some excellent metal straws for the customers at affordable prices. Check out all the straws we sell to purchase your preferred ones.

Try out the metal straws today to save the planet forever. #Doyourbitfortheenvironment.

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