Five Reasons Why you should Switch to Stainless Steel Straws Right Away

We are so dependent on plastic these days that if asked to eliminate it from our lives, we’ll probably feel our world falling apart. While plastic is convenient and cheap, it is also dangerous for our health and the environment. We can’t even see ourselves reducing the amount of plastic we use let alone quitting the use of it altogether. We have to adapt to a plastic-free lifestyle, nevertheless. Starting with baby steps, we need to achieve what seems impossible now. Let us start with replacing the plastic straws with stainless steel ones.

This article outline five reasons why you should ditch the plastic straws and switch to stainless steel straws right away.

Plastic straws are detrimental to health.

Straws made from plastic contain dangerous toxins that can have an adverse effect on health. Namely, phthalates and Bisphenol A are two harmful chemicals found in plastic that are linked to serious health problems like diabetes, cardiac issues, and cancer. Also, BPA has been known to mess with the hormones leading to hormonal imbalance. Switching to stainless steel straws will reduce your exposure to these toxins and will save you from the life-threatening health issues.

Stainless steel straws are reusable and hence, cheap.

While this appears absurd to read, stainless steel straws actually cost you less than the plastic ones. Buying disposable plastic straws for minimal charges looks cost-effective at first. But just add the number of plastic straws you have used up to now and may use in future. Compare the total cost with that of a reusable stainless steel straw and you will know that plastic straws are much expensive in the end. Stainless steel straws are made from high-quality steel and are durable.

Save the environment.

A lot of plastic straws are made from a material called polypropylene, which is a thermoplastic polymer made from fossil fuels. Just imagine the amount of fossil fuels that go into the making of these straws. In addition, because fossil fuels add to the greenhouse effect and climate change, using plastic straws contributes to the havoc. Ditching plastic and choosing stainless steel straws means you will be playing a small role in protecting the environment of our planet from these disasters.

Plastic is wreaking havoc in water bodies.

Plastic ends up in oceans and other huge water bodies due to wind and erosion and one of the 10 most common items found among the plastic waste is straws. Data suggests that every day over 500 million straws are used and thrown away, and that too in the US alone. Plastic in oceans is also a huge threat to aquatic life. Replacing plastic straws with stainless steel ones will curb the plastic pollution and will prevent the pollution of water bodies.

Lead the way.

To prevent the disaster caused by plastic, we need more and more people who are willing to make a lifestyle change and switch to a plastic-free lifestyle. Therefore, become a trendsetter by leading the way. Ditch plastic and inspire more people to do the same. All change starts at home. Take the charge now.

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