Stainless Steel Straws: Our best bet against plastic straws

steel straws

Durable, efficient and long-lasting; these three things describe steel straws perfectly. These are our best bet to replace harmful single-use drinking straws. Plastic is degrading the environment day-by-day with no signs of stopping even in future.

SS straws are among the most effective and eco-friendly products that do not harm the environment. Plus, they can be used for a very long time as well. With an increase in climatic change and plastic effect taking place, a greener healthier alternative like steel straws is a need of the hour.


  • Studies have found that plastic products have a harmful chemical present inside called BPA (BisphenolA). This enters into the drinks from straws and is consumed by us. It is a dangerous compound that leads to diabetes, heart disease and even cancer in humans.
  • The sheer number of the toxic straws we use every day is huge. And every year millions of straws enter into the landfills and then into the ocean disturbing the ecosystem.
  • These are use & throw material that only lasts for single use. So, you can see why we are all so worried.

Switch to Metal straws

Steel straws have been classified as among the primary alternatives to plastic straws. The metal ones are:

  • Reusable –Metal straws can be used, reused and then used again. A cleaner comes packed with the purchase of these straws for easy cleaning. Plus, they are dishwasher safe so your cleaning job becomes that simple.
  • Nature-friendly – The reusable straws are designed as nature-friendly products that do not harm the environment. Unlike Plastic, these do not have BPA or any other harmful compound that can slip into your drinks while you take a sip.
  • Rust-free – Because it is stainless steel no bacteria sticks to the straws allowing for rusting or corrosion. So, these straws can last for years without any concern. Their rust-free nature makes them obviously a better choice than plastic.
  • Convenient – Eco-friendly straws are more convenient for all your drinks hot/cold. Sip through your favourite shake with ease and recommend all your friends & family to adopt these straws over plastic.
  • Portable – Plastic straws are easily available at every restaurant you go to. The ban on these straws is still in-progress. So, what you can do in the meantime is to use these SS straws. They are easy to carry at every restaurant you go so you do not have to drink from poisonous plastic. Plus, you are spreading the right message across.
  • Affordable – Considering the returns they give and their overall life-span; metal straws are way-way more convenient and affordable than the toxic straws. You can check out the prices on our store and be amazed at how inexpensive they really are.

The 3 best metal straws we sell

  1. Collapsible steel straws – The reusable straws are flexible collapsible that people really like. You can easily pack them to carry and use wherever you go. They do not take much space in your bag and are quite affordable as well.
  2. Cold drink bend straws – The drinking straws are ideal for your smoothies and cold drinks. These are bend in-shape to be used for sipping your favourite drink right away. The ergonomic design lets you drink in-style plus, these are completely lightweight.
  3. Cold drink straight straws – If you do not like bend straws then you can always go for the straight ones. Much like the bend straws, these are also ergonomic in design, lightweight and made from food-grade stainless steel material.

Here, both bend straws and straight straws are available in 4 pcs set and also have a cleaner packed inside. Plus, we also offer:

  • A pack of 4 pcs mix (including both bend and straight straws) with a cleaner
  • Wholesale pack of 50 pcs bend straws in-total and 4 pcs cleaners
  • Wholesale pack of 50 pcs straight straws with 4 pieces of cleaner

It’s down to your preference and choice as all of these straws are made to last. Plus, the packages we offer can help you try out all different straws or get a wholesale pack at lowest rates.

A wonderful gift

A friend or a family member who is a fitness freak or environmentalist will love being gifted with these steel straws. These have been considered as a perfect gift for anyone who is concerned about the environment. We have different types of SS straws that are elegant, sophisticated and ergonomic in design. Moreover, during summers, these will serve as the ideal choice to sip through all the favourite shake or drinks.

Apart from being an eco-friendly product, the metal straws will last longer than your plastic straws without polluting the planet. So, invest in stainless steel straws and make your planet a better place to live!

Stainless Steel Straws – Easy to switch & easy to use
Why you should Carry your Own Stainless Steel Straw?

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