Stainless steel straws: Easy to clean and store

While plastic straws are being banned, stainless steel straws are being adopted by the restaurants all over the place. The metal straws add a touch of sustainable style when these are served inside the beverages ordered. Along with stainless steel knives, spoons and forms; the metal straws also become a great part of the tableware collection. The SS straws look great and here we have listed few key tips on how you can wash and reuse these metal straws again and again.

Cleaning metal straws at restaurants

Most metal straws are usually cleaned just like any existing utensil, cups or tableware by the restaurants or commercial business. The plan to follow for cleaning these metal straws follows the same health code protocols as most cleaning process would. Cleaning and sanitizing are essential for all food ware. Steps involved for cleaning straws in a restaurant:

  1. Soaking the straws: Once the drinks are served with metal straws, the server should wait for the drinks to get finished! Once it’s done he/she should collect the straws and place them inside a small tub of hot soapy water for soaking these straws. If there was pulp or other beverage inside the drinks served, then use a cleaning brush to remove any debris inside. Lastly, rinse the straws in clean, hot water and remove all soap.
  2. Use dishwasher: To save time you may place these cleaned straws into bulk utensil rack and run the dishwasher normally. Now, remove all the cleaned straws once the dishwasher has run its normal course (cycle).
  3. Apply sanitizing cleansing agent: Sanitization is one of the crucial steps that every commercial establishment like the restaurant has to follow to ensure all the germs get destroyed. To follow this step, just fill the tub with a sanitizing cleansing formula and then soak the metal straws inside for at least one minute.
  4. Storage: Dry these metal straws and place them together with tableware for better presentation. Find a container made of metal, glass or ceramic to store your metal straws inside. Bulk straw containers hold straws vertically and look good as well.

Cleaning reusable straws at Home

Millions of plastic straws used every day are a sign of real worry for us. Switching to reusable metal straws is the permanent solution to reduce plastic waste. More people are now using metal straws as we provide the steps to clean these straws at home.

  1. Use hot water in a sink or small cleaning tub to rinse the metal straws completely
  2. Rub a bit of dish soap on the metal straw cleaning brush. Then, push it back & forth inside the straw and outside as well to get rid of any drink residue. Keep using the brush until the straw is effectively cleaned.
  3. Now, rinse straw in soapy hot water and let it dry. You may place these straws in a utensil rack of the dishwasher and run it normally. Once the cycle gets completed you will get cleaned straws. The straws are now ready to be used again.
  4. At home, store all your SS straws conveniently inside a kitchen cupboard or cabinet along with other kitchenware. This is a hygienic way to store and carry these reusable straws.

Metal Straws at

We aim to deliver the best metal straws at home, restaurants and any other commercial establishment. Our straws are not harmful to the planet and can easily replace those metal straws. We serve straws for good use and keep the environment safe for all. Our metal straws are available at truly affordable rates and come in all different types like straight or bend straws. Plus, we provide a cleaning brush as well to clean the metal straws as mentioned earlier.

Our steel straws are better because:

  1. These are DURABLE – We guarantee that the metal straws will last a lot longer than any other straw alternative out there. Check out the durability factor by ordering our straws.
  2. These are ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY – The importance of eco-friendly products is best realised when you witness plastic trash piling up every day. Neither does it decompose nor is it recycled easily, so opting for plastic is a foolish act. Instead, chose metal straws and protect the environment.
  3. These are REUSABLE – Products which do not leach chemicals and can last for ages are the best kind of products. Metal straws are the same and they can be used again and again without generating waste.
  4. These are GREAT FOR TRAVEL – Lightweight metal straws can be carried wherever you want. No need for a plastic straw when you can use your own steel straw even on-the-go.

The reusable straws offer multiple benefits to the planet. Plus, cleaning them is often very easy. So, invest in the metal straws and see how effective these can be!

Why should Restaurants Switch to Stainless Steel Straws?
Stainless Steel Straws – Easy to switch & easy to use

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