Why should Restaurants Switch to Stainless Steel Straws?

Plastic pollution has been making a lot of noise lately and it seems that usage of plastic is taking a form of a serious crisis. The data on health and environmental concerns caused by plastic is overwhelming. Experts suggest that if the usage of plastic continues at the existing date, we might be looking at an inevitable disaster, the repercussions of which will affect all life forms on the planet and will severely damage the environment.

The disaster we are looking at needs efforts to be done, by common people and especially the eating outlets, to be avoided. This is precisely the reason why the scientists and now, governments are pushing for a plastic ban. Avoiding usage of plastic will not only help the restaurants do their bit in preventing plastic pollution but will also present an opportunity to save on their expenditure. Starting by replacing plastic straws and slowly moving towards a complete ban on plastic utensils and cutlery can be a huge step towards saving the planet.

Here are a few reasons to ponder over if you are still using plastic straws.

1.Overwhelming facts about plastic pollution.

It is not wrong to say that plastic is being overused these days. Every beach in the world witnesses huge amounts of plastic garbage throughout the year. The situation is such that plastic fragments have now been found in the Arctic ice. In 1950, the total production of plastic was just 1.5 million tons but the same was reported to be 320 million tons in 2016, an exponential surge in six decades. Recent studies have confirmed the presence of plastic or its fragments in 100% of marine turtles, 59% of whales, 40% of seabird species, and 36% of seals examined by the scientists. Most of the plastic is either bottles or straws. Since plastic is strong and durable, it doesn’t really ever break down. This means that a bottle can remain there in the water for up to 450 years. In simple words, any plastic ever produced still exists in some form.

2.The total cost of plastic straws is actually more than reusable ones.

Plastic straws appear cheaper at first glance. But when you start keeping track of the total plastic straws ever used and the money that went into it, you will notice that stainless steel straws are actually cheaper. This is true for the restaurants as well. Most of the restaurants give plastic straws to their customers with the drinks. This is because the cost of a stainless steel straw is significantly more than that of a plastic one. However, you will know that the reusable straw is actually more economical once you calculate the total money spent on both types.

3. Neither health nor environment-friendly

One another big reason for considering replacing plastic straw with stainless steel one is that neither is it good for health nor environment. BPA in plastic is believed to be one of the major causes of health concerns like diabetes, hypertension, hormonal imbalance, and even cancer. It is not only damaging the health of humans but also of the animals, especially marine animals. Plastic is one of the major causes of pollution of seas and oceans. It is making the aquatic animals sick and is also killing them. Not to mention, the quality of water is being severely compromised.

Change is going to take time and effort but we will never get there if we never start. Start by replacing your plastic straws with stainless steel ones and slowly replace everything plastic with safer options. Here are a few benefits of using stainless steel straws.

4. They cost you less.

Well, stainless steel straws that appear costly are actually cheaper when their net cost is compared with that of the plastic ones. You need to invest big time in the beginning on stainless steel straws to save on the total cost incurred on straws alone. The difference in expenses will leave you surprised.

5.Of course, that will help prevent plastic pollution to a great extent.

Also, if you start replacing plastic straws with stainless steel ones, you will be doing a great favor to yourself by saving the planet you live on. Since, restaurants are the largest generators of plastic straws garbage, saying no to them will help curb plastic pollution to a great extent.

6. Promote better health.

Switching to stainless steel straws mean promoting good health. The health issues linked with plastic have been mentioned above. Cutting down on plastic straws, which is one of the biggest causes of these problems, will be a huge step towards health improvement. Studies have found that lesser use of plastic is linked to improvement in health conditions like hormonal imbalance, diabetes, and cancer.

7. Environment-friendly initiative.

Most of all, switching to safer alternatives is in itself a great environment-friendly initiative. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is proof that we have gone too far with our use of plastic and it is time that we start looking into our actions that are the cause of this environmental concern.

It is high time that all of us consider our use of plastic and start replacing the plastic products with safer ones. Cutting down on all single-use plastic, especially plastic straws, will be a great help. It is time for restaurants too to look into their choice of straws not only for their environmental and health hazards but also their cost.

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