Why restaurants and Hotels should switch to reusable steel straws?

steel straws

This is happening!! No more plastic straws at McDonald’s or KFC. The cold takeout drinks will no longer be served with the toxic plastic straws and it’s a high time other restaurants or hotels also take a cue. The staggering volume of plastic waste comes from plastic straws and stirrers across the world. These straws are the worst single-use plastic items that plague the environment and harm the sea animals.

How plastic straws are bad for hotels & restaurants?

While most hotels and restaurants are still serving drinks with a plastic straw inside, it is best if they stop this habit. There are few concerns why plastic is deemed toxic for everyone including them.

Investment/ Money wise

Single-use plastic straw can be used only once and then thrown away in the trash. No reusability means more investment because you have to place new straws every time someone orders drinks. For instance, businesses who have adopted metal straws over plastic straws are happily serving their customers. These businesses explain how easy it is to not put plastic straws in your drinks and then stand behind that decision. It is estimated that the restaurants that purchased metal straws saved roughly $1600 a year. This is an incredible sum for a small-scale restaurant.

Now, you can imagine how large-scale restaurants can benefit from this plastic ditch. There are metal straws with a bend which can accommodate people with disabilities. So, you can save a lot of money just by switching to a greener alternative than plastic straws.

Environment wise

Our environment is constantly being affected by these straws. As stated earlier, these straws are among the major plastic pollutants on the planet so backlash against them is natural. People have started to become more aware of this issue as they are ditching restaurants/hotels where plastic straws are still being served. Marine life is getting disturbed, this is how:

  • It is estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fishes in the oceans.
  • 5 plastic gyres have been created into the oceans including one (Great Pacific Garbage Patch) which is twice the size of The State of Texas.
  • Marine animals are mistaking plastic for food and consuming it. This has resulted in the death of these animals.
  • Most sea animals we are served on the platter have plastic (microplastic) inside their stomach.

Apart from marine life, there are few more concerns regarding plastic use. Firstly, single-use plastic straws cannot be recycled or decomposed. These are really lightweight so they get past through the recyclers and find their way into the water bodies. Secondly, plastic can stay there for centuries affecting even the next generations. It gets broken down into microplastic which is not even visible from the naked eye. So, the more we use plastic, the more we’ll hamper the environment. Restaurants or hotel owners should ditch these straws and find other alternatives.

Affects the health

Restaurants have been serving these straws for years so how these are affecting our health. Let us state a few lesser-known health-related reasons to ditch plastic straws:

  • Plastic Straws introduce air into the digestive tract which causes gas and bloating.
  • Plastic straws have polypropylene, a harmful chemical which leaches into the drinks and releases compounds that affect the estrogen levels.
  • Regular use of plastic straws may cause wrinkles very similar to the smokers have around their mouth.

These are only a few reasons to ditch something as dangerous as plastic straws. Awareness against the use of plastic straws has spread like wildfire. Now, people are more likely to question themselves when they order drinks with plastic straw inside. So, the restaurants/hotels who are still using these straws might suffer if they do not ditch these plastic straws.

Stainless steel straws – Best alternative to plastic straws

There are few alternatives that have gained so much popularity as the steel straws. The metal version is full of benefits as explained below:

  • These straws are reusable so the restaurants/hotels only have to purchase a limited stock and then reuse them again and again.
  • Metal straws come with a cleaner that makes it very easy to clean. Plus, these are dishwasher-safe, so no reason to worry.
  • The straws have a longer life span i.e. these can last for years if maintained properly.
  • People are more likely to visit your restaurant/hotel because you are ditching plastic straws and providing an eco-friendly alternative to them.
  • Metal straws do not cost much when you consider the overall cost as compared to plastic ones.
  • These straws are not harmful to the planet, animals or even your health which is excellent.

As more and more people are finding their voices against plastic straws, it is hi-time the restaurant owners should listen to them. Just place steel straws in your drinks and stand by the decision, that’s it!

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