Plastic Straws are everywhere | Are we really listening?

History of Straws

Why are we so dependent on such a useless product? For how long this has been the case?

It all started back in 1888 when people used pieces of rye grass as straws for sipping their favourite drinks. A guy named Marvin Stone didn’t like how the grass disintegrated into his mint julep drink. He desired something which is better and more reliable. This paved way for the invention of paper straw.

Stone wrapped paper strips around the pencil and glued them together. This way the pieces stayed in place even after the pencil was removed. A great invention which quickly became wildly popular according to the Smithsonian Institute.

So, how do paper straws ended up into plastic ones?

During World War II the constant supply for cheap and durable products gave way to plastic products. After the war, manufacturers started targeting consumers with these plastic items. Single-use plastic items were one of the most beloved products that we still rely upon. This is how plastic straws came into the existence and now these are degrading the environment.

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McDonald’s, Starbucks and many popular MNCs are phasing out plastic straws from their stores around the world. Even small businesses are marketing themselves with the straw-free campaign. The drinking straws are deemed evil across the planet because of their harmful effects on marine life. Even governments are taking swift action to stop its usage. But, are we really listening?

Every morning we ride through streets filled with plastic straws & waste scattered all over the place. These straws are the same which we are so reluctant not to use but still, there they are. Smoothies, shakes, and most of the drinks come with plastic straws. You order and they deliver, simple! As long as we do not ask for it, the authorities simply won’t change their policies.

Things we can do to change their terms

  • Politely request for eco-friendly alternatives in place of toxic straws. Stainless steel straws are among the best alternatives we recommend
  • Purchase the metal straws and carry them at any restaurant you go to. These straws do not cost much and can last a lifetime.

When you opt for an eco-friendly product instead of plastic you spread the right message across. People are mostly aware of the after effects of plastic straws. A video where sea turtle had plastic straw struck inside the nostrils went viral on the Internet. This created a lot of spark around the world where people took initiative not to use these harmful straws. There are multiple instances like this where straws proved detrimental to marine animals.

Oceans – The new dumping grounds

Let’s face it, our oceans and not land has the world’s largest dumping ground. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is trash of plastic which spans from the West Coast of North America to Japan. This is one of the five plastic gyres we currently have in our oceans. Most of the waste is Microplastic spread all over the oceans, so we find it difficult to spot them through the naked eye.

Fishes, sea turtles and all the sea animals have plastic inside their stomach. The toxic kills them steadily, while inside the belly. This isn’t shocking anymore as most of us know about it. Environmentalists have taken an initiative to remove single-use plastic from use. But, this isn’t the job of a few selected ones. We must take an active part in it and work towards removing the plague from our planet forever.

Take an initiative

If you really wish to save those innocent sea creatures from the plastic wrath, then start using metal straws instead of plastic ones. While this may feel insignificant to you but these small steps can go a long way in bringing revolution against plastic. Enough is enough! Now we need no more plastic straws at the restaurants or on the streets. There are better alternatives available that do not harm the environment like toxic plastic ones.

Join the No-plastic straws movement and bring friends & families to aid you. Clean up the shores, collect plastic trash, Dispose of safely (consult the local authorities) and do everything possible to spread the message around. It is very important to make people aware of the after effects of plastic straws. You wouldn’t want your next generation to live on a planet of trash. Be responsible for today!

At we have listed the most durable and reliable metal straws which do not corrode, last longer and are completely eco-friendly. You can carry them easily across wherever you go. The metal straws do not cost much for the value they offer.

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