How to reduce or eliminate plastic pollution?

Ocean and its problems are often easily forgotten by us. There are tons and tons of plastic debris floating around in the water making the oceans a complete garbage field. This garbage comprises of plastic straws, plastic bags, bottles and all other single-use plastic items that pose serious damage to marine life. Tiny pieces of plastic which are almost invisible to the naked eye are mistakenly being ingested by the sea animals. They fall prey to the miserable items we produce and then choke to death.

  • Plastic is non-biodegradable
  • Plastic can stay for centuries & longer
  • Plastic is toxic for all

Almost 80% of the debris existing inside the oceans originated on land. The plastic debris somehow entered the rivers from streets and reached the oceans creating pollution. So, in order to stop this plastic pollution it is best to keep the trash out of the waste stream. Here, we have highlighted a few ways you can make a big impact against plastic pollution.

Single-use plastic no more

How many plastic items do we use only once and then throw it away? Plenty, right! Stats show that about 90% of the disposable plastic including grocery bags, wraps, cutlery, straws, etc. are used once in our daily routine. Hence, finding a reusable alternative to single-use plastic is obviously better. Plus, it wouldn’t take long before these alternatives become a habit for you.

Carry a reusable bottle

You don’t have to be a scientist to understand plastic water bottles are dangerous too. Once the bottle gets empty there is only one thing left i.e. to toss it away. Every year, there are 20 billion plastic bottles thrown into the trash. So, why not carry a reusable water bottle and save your planet from the devastating plastic pollution.

Say No to Plastic cutlery

It is healthier to cook your own meals than to order online or eat out but if you do so, make sure you do not ask for plastic cutleries. Bring your own containers for the leftovers but no plastic cutlery. The world is better off without this single-use plastic.

Use metal straws

To enjoy your favourite drink you don’t need those plastic straws. Try our stainless steel straws! It isn’t surprising to find out friends carrying a bunch of SS straws going to the restaurants. These metal straws are durable, corrosion-free and lightweight.

Recycle more, please!

We all know about recycling but how many of us actually implement this in our daily lives? Not many! Less than 14% of plastic packaging is recycled. While most of us get confused about what can and what can’t be recycled, there is a number on the bottom of the container which can help.

  • #1 states PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) which is listed on most beverage and liquid cleaner bottles. Most recycling companies accept these bottles.
  • #2 is HDPE (High-density polyethylene) and the containers marked with this listing are the heavy-duty bottles for milk, juice and detergents.
  • #5 states PP (Polypropylene) listed on ketchup bottles, yoghurt, plastic cutlery and similar plastic containers. Such containers are recyclable in some areas. Check with the local authorities.

Support the plastic ban

The government in India has banned the use of plastic bags in the country. While the Maharashtra Government has imposed a state-wide ban on manufacturing, distribution and use of single-use plastic products. Now, it is our duty to support such a ban and urge the leaders to make plastic-bag usage less desirable.

Bulk purchasing

Most of us have the tendency to purchase products like yoghurt, fruits, and other grocery items often enough. Consider the product-to-packaging ratio of items and buy in bulk. This way we can reduce plastic packaging and make an impact on plastic pollution.

Avoid microbead products

Several beauty products like facial scrubs, body wash, etc. have little plastic scrubbers called microbeads present inside. Do not let their tiny size fool you because these can be equally harmful to marine animals. Most sea animals will mistake them for food and consume them. Hence, it is best to use products which include natural exfoliants & not plastic.

Be Heard

Recently, the Maharashtra Government imposed a state-wide ban on single-use plastic items. This included plastic packaging in which most products are delivered these days. E-Commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart were given a time frame to replace their plastic packaging with more sustainable packaging material. If you think that another company must adopt sustainable packaging materials then make yourself heard. Share your views through a tweet, letter or any other source. But, make sure your money goes to a sustainable competitor. These are the top 9 sustainable methods for reducing plastic pollution on our planet. For full detailed information on these methods click here.

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