Break free from plastic | Popular ocean pollutant

Key Stats:

  • 8.3 billion tonnes – The amount of plastic produced since 1950
  • Recycled 9%, Burned 12% and the rest ends up in the environment
  • 12.7 million tonnes – The amount of plastic that enters oceans each year (approximately)
  • 5 trillion plastic pieces are in the oceans
  • 700 marine species are affected by our plastic waste
  • 9/10 seabirds, 1/3 sea turtles, more than half of dolphins, whales all have ingested plastic.

These aren’t just numbers but a reality check that plastic is not just a material but a plague causing diverse problems for the planet. Most affected by our plastic pollution are the sea organisms who are dying due to plastic.

So, who is to blame for all of this? Of course humans.

  • Annual plastic production reached 322 million tonnes in 2015 excluding synthetic fibres and is expected to double by 2025
  • Starbucks produces 4 billion coffee cups, Pepsi Co sells tens of billions of chips bags and there are plenty of other examples
  • Every year 500 billion plastic bottles are produced by beverage companies

To keep their business running companies label the entire line-up of products as bioplastic. Purchase with caution because not all the items are biodegradable. Do not trust blindly.

You can read more on these by visiting the web page

Major plastic pollutants

Thanks to our wonderfully convenient plastic products, marine animals are now suffering. They are consuming plastic items mistaking it for food and then choking to death. While there are a number of pollutants that are consistently being produced and used by us. Some of the major plastic items polluting the oceans are described below:

1.Plastic Bags

12 minutes is the average lifetime a plastic bag is used. It is among the world’s worst single-use plastic products that should be banned everywhere. The bag is used from grocery shopping to carrying your regular supplies across. It is truly convenient but it is also non-biodegradable, non-recyclable and single-use plastic. Countries like the UK have imposed a tax on its use since 2015. This has resulted in 9 billion fewer plastic bags being circulated in the country.

2. Plastic Cups

Since we are talking about plastic, the cups made out of it are equally dangerous. Bisphenol A (BPA) and Polypropylene are the chemicals used for manufacturing these plastic cups. BPA is known to affect our body hormones causing prostate cancer, reduction in sperm production and many disorders. Moreover, they do not recycle completely and hence cause plastic pollution.

3. Plastic Straws

Too small to be recycled, the plastic straws have largely been the major plastic pollutant since its inception. Daily 500 million straws are being used at various places around the world. From juice cans to shakes plastic straws are used everywhere. Although, these are perfect for taking a sip of your favourite drink but these are also quite harmful. Thanks to our throwaway culture, the single-use plastic straws cannot be recycled or decomposed. So, they end up into the oceans disturbing the marine life. At, we provide an eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws called Stainless steel straws at the best price.

4. Plastic Bottles

3 million plastic bottles are used every hour of the day in America. And this is just one of the many countries that use plastic bottles. There are water bottles, beverages, apple juice and more that come in plastic containers. These bottles are bad for the environment and you should stop buying them. Instead, keep a reusable cup in your car and fill it on-the-go or use other green alternatives.

5. Plastic microbeads

Another major pollutant considered deadly for everyone is the plastic microbeads. These tiny pieces of plastic can be easily found in exfoliating scrub or toothpaste. For instance, there are 3,30,000 plastic microbeads in a single tube of face scrub. These get easily washed off into the water bodies and then to our oceans. A single plastic microbead is more toxic than the water around it. Moreover, the sea animals that end up on our platter have more or less consumed these microbeads. A big reason to worry!

Break Free From Plastic

The thing is we can avoid plastic if we want. There are a number of alternatives that we can adapt to get rid of these plastic pollutants. The numbers we have put up are staggering and it’s time to put an end to it. At, we constantly try to aware our customers about the harmful effects of these plastic items. We even supply stainless steel straws that are a superior alternative to those dangerous drinking straws.

It’s time to do your bit for the environment and break free from plastic. Take a pledge to never use such plastic compounds and adopt a plastic-free lifestyle. Remember you can always avoid these items. So, take a pledge today!

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