6 Ideas to reduce or eliminate plastic pollution

Plastic, a major pollutant on the planet has been a constant threat to the environment. Single-use plastic items are the worst of all that can only be used once and then thrown into the trash. Because plastic isn’t degradable so it creates problems for the planet. It can stay there for centuries and more. So, what should be the best possible solution to clean up the plastic waste?

We already know how to deal with plastic waste but the problem is it costs time and money. Not enough powerful men have been convinced to invest in this issue and solve the plastic concern. There are a few ideas that can help us reduce or eliminate the plastic pollution affecting our planet.

  1. To keep garbage out of the landfills and help the environment, it is best to recycle the plastic products. Recycling pick-up services must be provided free everywhere around the world. These service providers will provide a larger recycle bin to the residents which they can fill up for an easy pickup once a week. This is a great idea as long as people do not abuse it by placing non-recyclables like organic waste inside.

  2. We just want things that will be thrown away in greater volumes without providing enough time to degrade or be recycled. This is an industrial concern as well because in order to accomplish such massive throwaway problems the product quality has to be reduced. If the products being used require huge amounts of waste, then it’s our responsibility to also pay for dealing with that waste. This is a practical thing to do to tackle the throwaway culture bred in our system.

  3. Trash problems keep on compiling day-by-day especially in the oceans where plastic is the major culprit. So, the people that are cleaning up trash problems must be paid either by the non-profit organization or Government or an International agency. People must be paid to clean up the mess because the issue is getting out-of-hand now!

  4. While plastic is a serious concern, a bigger issue than this is our mentality towards this. In countries like India, throwing trash on the streets is socially acceptable. Although, the mindset is changing with people taking up the initiative most people are still not taking dumping seriously. It is time to mend our mentality and think about the planet.

  5. Buy/sell used things and urge people to do the same as well. Older things don’t necessarily mean that these are of no use. If the products serve the purpose intended that these are as good as new. So, it doesn’t make sense to add these items into the trash and pile up the garbage. Also, used products mean less packaging of new things which is always great. Many people purchase things that aren’t necessary to buy new. Hence, urging them to buy/sell used things might just work for the environment.

  6. Packaging is another major source of unnecessary wastage we generate. Instead of generating such wastage, regulate packaging. Either use a degradable, recyclable material for packaging or reduce it completely. This is something we can easily work upon if we really want to save the planet.

While none of these pointers was actually never thought of before, it’s just that these were never used sadly. Industries & people in the plastic industry are spending dollars on R&D to fix these environmental issues. But, the industries who took the environmental concerns seriously, hoping to improve market sales realized that:

  • Nobody cares enough to help the environment by purchasing more of your products if you package responsibly
  • Also, nobody cares enough to notice even if you package responsibly

People usually like talking about these environmental concerns and how these are plaguing the planet, but then they forget. We only act if it is directly affecting us or someone close to us. This is strange but all the environment-friendly efforts that were proposed initially have now fallen off the radar and lost their priority.

These are the words of Miranda Marcus, Applications Engineer at EWI specializing in Plastic Joining, on Quora. You can learn about her views on the topic by clicking on this link:


Steelstraws.in team

We believe in making this planet a clean & healthier place to live in. Our efforts are strongly focused on spreading awareness against single-use plastic items. We sell stainless steel straws to the customers which is a good alternative against plastic straws. Our straws are lightweight, rust-free, easy-to-clean and can be used for years. Plus, these are quite affordable and you can carry them everywhere. Our goal is to replace those plastic straws with the metal ones and stop the throwaway culture. There is enough plastic already on the planet and we don’t need more trash.

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