Why our planet is better off the single-use plastic?

plastic ban

Just like plastic bags, other single-use plastic items will also be banned from use in the near future. This is because these are harmful, toxic and the planet is better off without them. As people are getting aware of how harmful these items are, steps are being taken to stop its usage. While switching to alternatives may take time but many plastic items we see today will certainly be banned from use in the future. So, it’s best to start adopting greener alternatives now before we are forced to switch.

Non-degradable & our over-reliability on it

Plastic has been here for decades now and till recently we weren’t really worried. But, because it is non-biodegradable and produced in bulk, the effects are starting to show.

  • Marine life is in chaos
  • The largest dumping grounds composed of plastic is not on land but in the oceans (GPGP for example)
  • Sea animals are mistaking it for food and consuming it, resulting in deaths
  • Humans are consuming seafood with Microplastic in their stomach

And there are plenty other effects that you will find in the newspapers, social media and more. We are over-reliable on the single-use plastic items and this is not good for our planet. The majority of us utilize single-use plastic day-in day-out even after knowing how harmful it is. This is just because they do not know the alternatives available for use.

At SteelStraws.in we provide stainless steel straws, the best of a kind. These are the alternatives to plastic drinking straws that must be avoided at all cost. You can buy our metal straws once and they will last for years. Plus, these do not harm the environment like the plastic ones.

Apart from straws, you may use a cloth bag for your grocery shopping, glass bottles for storing water, etc. The thing is, there are greener alternatives available to replace those single-use plastic products. So, think about future generations and think about the planet.

Maharashtra ban – A Prime example

A recent ban on the use of plastic items by Government of Maharashtra is a prime example of the crisis. Steps are taken by the Government to stop using those harmful items and instead opt for something better. The state-wide plastic ban has been imposed to protect our environment from single-use disposable items. From the manufacturers to distributors & consumers everyone is given a period of 3-months to completely dispose of any existing plastic stock. They are requested to adopt greener alternatives or face penalties. Individual(s) found using plastic items will be fined:

  • ₹ 5,000 for the first-time offense
  • ₹ 10,000 for the second-time offense 
  • ₹ 25,000 for the third time and can face imprisonment of 3-months

The ban is a brave effort from the Government to save the planet.

3-day exhibition by BMC on using eco-friendly alternatives to plastic

In order to spread awareness against plastic, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) organized a 3-day exhibition on using green alternatives to plastic. The top highlights include:

  • 45-lakh kilos of banned plastic items were collected in Mumbai.
  • Plastic centres have been set up across Mumbai to collect items for effective recycling
  • 200 inspectors deployed for effective implementation of the plastic bag in the city
  • Popular celebrities urging the importance of ban and spreading awareness among the people
  • Stressing on the importance of adopting greener alternatives.
  • Eco-friendly cutlery, cloth bags and many greener alternatives were presented among the public. The options are available, all we need is to switch.

To read more about the exhibition Visit here.

Plastic isn’t the problem but it’s the way plastic is discarded. Maharashtra Government is taking the right steps in implementing the plastic ban. Now everything depends on how it affects the consumers and the market. And, how long it takes for the community to switch.

Let’s switch to a non-plastic life

Life without single-use plastic isn’t impossible but it will take time. The process depends upon us and how quickly we adapt to the greener alternatives. For instance, a plastic bag is a convenient item for grocery shopping. But, because there is no safe disposal method it is best to use a cloth bag for all your shopping needs. You can use & reuse it again without harming the environment.

Not only India but the entire planet knows its consequences. “Say NO to plastic” is an international movement spreading all around the world. As more & more humans join the process it will get easier to switch to life without excessive plastic. Plastic does not go away for centuries and this doesn’t bode well for our future generations. Maharashtra ban is a great step towards limiting the excessive plastic use. Because our planet might be better off these single-use plastic items.

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