Reusable steel straws at hotels & restaurants

Have you seen those latest TV advertisements on plastic waste and its effects? If you haven’t seen one, then you must be living under a rock. Digital hoardings at public places in metropolitans display it loud & clearly “Say NO to single-use plastic.” The word is spreading fast against plastic waste and the hotels & restaurants are catching the trend.

Ditching the plastic straws & utensils altogether, fast-food restaurants and hotel owners are now making the statement. The unnecessary reliance of humans on single-use plastic has only produced problems for the environment. So, this is a welcome move by the food chains where items like plastic straws were commonly used.

The reusable steel straws are a direct alternative to the plastic ones and they are beneficial for the environment. Here’s how.

1. Safe for use

The metal straws are more durable, catch zero rust and are impossible to break. Stainless steel is a reliable substance that has proven time & again to be safe for use in our day-to-day needs. In comparison, the glass straws could easily break and the bamboo straws have an uneven surface for cleaning. Currently, SS straws are the best alternative that the foodies will find at their favourite restaurants from now on.

2. Clean with ease

While we often hate to clean utensils, we shouldn’t worry too much about the steel straws. They are super easy to clean and are dishwasher-safe. All you need is soapy water, a rack, cleaning brush and a couple of minutes, VOILA! We have posted a separate blog on cleaning the straws here .

3.Elegant piece of utensil

No wonder people find those shiny steel kitchenware really attractive and eye pleasing. The uniqueness and elegance of steel utensils add up to provide a complete dining experience even at a fast-food restaurant. Metal straws can be easily kept along with other steel utensils adding a sense of elegance with their shiny appearance.

4.Carry with style

Supporting a sturdy metallic build, the stainless steel straws can be easily packed and used at almost any place. These are a perfect choice for all of us who love drinking from straws. Plus, these are not fragile like the plastic ones so you can carry them in style wherever you go. In case, your favourite fast-food restaurant or hotel is still serving that plastic garbage you can opt to purchase & carry your own steel straws at the restaurant. This might just make them notice!

5.Durable and reusable

Instead of piling up trash in the dustbin, restaurants have opted for a durable product. Stainless steel straws are reusable and durable material that can last for years. Maintenance of these straws is very similar to any kitchenware you have. And, unlike the single-use plastic straws, metal doesn’t cost the environment.

6.Friendly to nature

The metal straws are environment-friendly. While the plastic straws involve the release of toxic chemicals during manufacturing, SS straws provide no such influence. So, when you are using metal straws at the restaurant, you are reducing the plastic demand & supply. This way the dangerous by-products can be eliminated from polluting the environment & marine life.

7.Contribute lesser plastic wastage

Each year 335 million metric tons of plastic is produced of which only a small fraction is recycled and rest piles up the landfills or enters the ocean. Ditching plastic straws at the restaurant means the eating place contributes lesser plastic wastage. It may take 1000 of years for the plastic to degrade and decompose. So, let’s reduce plastic spillage wherever we can while scientists save the planet from the plastic mayhem already created.

8.Lesser overall cost

A single piece of plastic straw never costs much but it is just for single-time use. Every day the restaurant or hotel has to attend hundreds of customers with different needs. So, the number of straws used every day only adds up to the cost. Metal straws, on the other hand, are expensive as a single unit but these are reusable and can last for years. So, there is a lesser overall economic cost associated with the metal straws.

9.Stainless Steel Straws will enhance your brand name

If you are looking for a way to promote your restaurant or hotel business, then stainless steel straws might just be the answer. Display it outside “Metal straws over plastic” and you might just hit a jackpot. Customers appreciate such initiative which promotes the environment and will definitely come to your eating place. And, remember not to use any plastic product at the place.

Popular food chain networks like Starbucks, KFC and McDonalds have stopped providing plastic straws at their place. Reusable straws provide an excellent option at their place. So, use stainless steel straws at your restaurant & hotel now!

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