Quit using these 8 single-use plastics right now

We fill our oceans with tonnes of single-use plastic each year creating an environmental hazard. It is a plague that has stemmed from us and will continue to devour the environment if nothing is done quickly. Plastic pollution generated from our ineffective disposal methods that have transformed oceans into the largest dumping place on Earth. It is somewhat unimaginable to think that the world’s most massive garbage dump is not on land but in the oceans.

Considering the grave situation we are in, immediate steps must be taken. There are eight single-use plastics that we must quit immediately. These include:

Plastic water bottles

The staggering stats on the use of plastic water bottles around the world will amaze you. 1 million bottles are purchased every minute, and this number will easily jump by 20% in the next three years. Most of these bottles do not get recycled and end up into the oceans contributing the plastic pollution.

Plastic bags

The super convenient plastic bags are used for carrying your stuff to & from the market. Most retailers and shops still provide these bags to the customers even after Government ban. This is because we have a liking to these inexpensive products. Currently, these are among the most common sources of debris that you will find at beach cleanups. A BIG reason to worry.

Plastic cutlery

Another suitable yet harmful single-use plastic is the cutlery we use. Plastic cutlery is used for just once and then thrown away without any care in the world. This cutlery often adds up to the waste that provides overall environmental impact. Banning its use is the best possible result for all. France has even implemented a ban on its use, and the rule will come into effect by 2020.

Plastic Straws

The worst among all are the plastic straws that you will find everywhere. People like drinking from the straws and restaurants love utilizing it. But, the real condition is much severe. These are used for only a single-time but harm the environment for centuries. These are small and cannot be recycled, so they end up making marine life worse.

Plastic cups

Next up are the single-use plastic cups that we must refuse to use. Most social gatherings, events, parties have these cups to serve drinks to their guests. Our reliance on plastic cups has resulted in more & more environmental pollution. This needs to curbed, and plastic cups must be banned entirely. Use an alternative or bring a disposable cup at the party but please try to mend your ways of living.

Coffee cups with plastic lids

The polyethylene plastic lining that covers the disposable coffee cups isn’t something that gets recycled. These plastic lids are a part of our throwaway culture that adds up to plastic pollution. Because recyclers cannot reprocess them all, so the lids go directly in the trash and then into the water bodies.

Plastic containers

Containers that we generally use for storing food are made up of plastic. These are black plastics that are essentially non-recyclable. Even local recycling machines cannot detect such containers, and hence they end up becoming a part of ocean debris. Instead, you can purchase multi-tiered containers.

Connected plastic rings

A connected six-pack plastic ring used to secure beverages such as plastic cans is deemed as dangerous for the marine animals. The ring packs are so bad that you should avoid any product/item that comes in these rings. This is a deadly plastic that should be banned from use with immediate effect.

Finding the right alternatives

It is impossible to ban something that is used by everyone these days. For instance, we are selling stainless steel straws, the greener alternative to plastic straws. Similarly, many other eco-friendly alternatives are equally effective but pose zero threat to the environment.

It is essential to find the right alternative that is ideal for our environment.  Governments all across the globe have become active in imposing a strict ban on the single-use plastic items. They have realized that the only way to curb plastic pollution is to stop using these items altogether.

Be the Change

There is a possibility that the ocean debris may get removed permanently. But, for the future to shine brightly on us, we must become the change. Adopting a healthy lifestyle and exploring new possibilities is the best way forward. To be the change, we must quit using these single-use plastic items entirely.Greener alternatives are available in the market should we choose to care. Alittle step in the right direction is better than doing nothing.

Let’s take an initiative today so that our next Generation can reap the rewards.

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