Why Plastic Straws are worst among the Single-use Plastic?

Sipping your favorite lime soda or canned juice through a plastic straw is something we all have done before. And we love it, don’t we! But there is a catch behind this. These drinking straws are made up of non-reusable plastic which is the worst product for our environment. Remember that disturbing video of a male Olive Ridley sea turtle suffering from a plastic straw, which went viral in 2015. The removal of straw stuck inside his nose was truly upsetting that changed many viewer’s attitudes towards the use of drinking straws. 

Plastic straws are certainly the worst among single-use plastic products and a detrimental to marine life. These products being lightweight in nature are difficult to be recycled through mechanical recyclers. So, they quickly find their way into the oceans. These non-biodegradable straws do not decompose instead get fragmented into smaller pieces called microplastics. The marine animals easily mistake them for food and consume them. The results are shocking yet a reality we have to eliminate at all costs.

There are great alternatives available in the market such as Stainless steel straws that can easily replace those harmful straws. These straw alternatives do not harm the environment and are easily available & preferred these days.

Plastic straws are worst among the single-use plastic.

Below points illustrate the fact:

Damaging the marine life

As explained earlier, plastic straws find a way to slip through recyclers into the water bodies and marine life. These products are highly dangerous because they never get decomposed. Once an animal consumes these straws, then they might become sick or die. The number of plastic straws dumped into the oceans is quite substantial and harmful for the marine life. So, the necessary steps must be taken in order to eliminate their use. Here, adopting straw alternatives such as reusable straws is a step forward that will take us closer towards a plastic-free lifestyle.

Cannot be recycled

We wish that everything we use could be recycled but it cannot. Products like plastic straws cannot be reused because they are tiny and lightweight. These products are typically used for a couple of minutes max before being discarded and they will persist in the environment even when you are gone. Plastic straws were ranked as the seventh most common piece of trash collected on global beaches, according to the International Coastal Cleanup 2017 report.


Our environment is suffering from harmful non-biodegradable products. Plastic straws are one of them which most municipalities do not recycle. These products could only be decomposed into tiny fragments that lasts for 100’s of years. We all understand the harmful effects of products that are non-biodegradable. Micro-organisms cannot degrade them so they never mix up with the soil even after many decades or a century has passed. Put together, now is the time to ban these plastic straws and adopt new straw alternatives. Reusable straws such as stainless steel straws can be used here.

Other harmful effects

Plastic straws create pollution at every stage of their existence. It is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans. All the more reason to worry. These products are so small that animals consume them thinking that it is food. For instance, once a turtle was found with over 1,000 pieces of plastic in the stomach. The Internet is full of examples like these that determine how harmful plastic straws really are.

This is why plastic straws are considered worst among single-use plastic. There are major alternatives available which we can adopt.

The Straw Alternatives

Stainless steel straws are the real alternatives for the plastic junk. The reusable straws can be easily recycled, reused and do not harm the marine life. These products are environment-friendly and available for the customers online. You can utilize these straws whenever you want because they are durable, scratch and rust-resistant. Unlike plastic straws, the eco-friendly straws are completely free from BPA material.

There are multiple benefits of reusable stainless straws. Most notable ones are listed below:

  • These products are unbreakable.
  • They do not show any signs of rusting because they are made up of stainless steel. This eliminates any threat of bacterial germs.
  • They essentially last about a few months or a year, depending upon their use.
  • Completely durable and long-lasting products
  • These are safe, non-toxic and can be used for potentially every beverage.

Stainless steel straws are a great alternative over the plastic straws. They are dishwasher safe and highly recommended to be used over plastic straws. Purchase & utilize the stainless steel straws in India for a better future. Think about the environment and say “No more” to plastic straws today!

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