Plastic straws are harmful to the planet | Just say NO to it

There are issues surrounding our planet such as global warming that rightfully get our attention. But there are other concerns that we often forget about. The one we are going to talk here is about the use of plastic straws. Here, we shall cover the following topics:

  • What are these straws?
  • Why are they so harmful to the environment & marine animals?
  • What effects these straws are having on our planet?
  • How we can stop it?

Let’s start with it

What are Plastic Straws?

Also termed as a drinking straw, these are so-called pipes that we use to consume beverages in a restaurant. You will easily find them in a restaurant where your favourite drinks or shakes are served with one. Because these straws are made up of plastic so we call the plastic straws. From the date of origin till today billions of straws have been put to use at various parts of the world.

At first, plastic straws were one of the most convenient items that people loved so much. Taking a sip of your Oreo shake or an Apple juice was so much fun. Now we are seeing its harmful effects that we will discuss in a short while.

Why the straws are harmful to the environment?

Plastic straws are among the worst offenders harming our environment and we are the ones to be blamed for it. The more we use, the more it adds to the problems. Plastic straws are:

  • Non-biodegradable – It takes nearly more than 200 years for the plastic straws to get degraded. So, the straws will stay even after your ashes have passed away from the planet and will continue to hamper our environment.
  • Non-recyclable – Because these straws are so lightweight, they cannot be recycled easily. In fact, these straws slip through the recyclers and end up into the water bodies. Then, the sea animals consume them and finally then enter our food chain.
  • Bulk wastage – Billions of plastic straws are produced and used every year only for a single-use. These straws are then found in every pile of trash, your morning streets, garbage dumps and who knows where. So, the mass production leads to mass wastage because these cannot be reused.

Plus, these straws are equally harmful to sea animals. As the straws enter our oceans they stay there long enough without getting decomposed. The marine animals mistake these straws & other plastic junk for food and consume it. This results in choking and painful death of the wild creatures as you might have seen in the painful YouTube video where a plastic straw is pulled out of the sea turtle.

This way the straws are equally harmful to sea animals and as the plastic enters the food chain we too consume it unknowingly. Hence, we must put an end to it as soon as possible.

What are the effects of plastic straws on our planet?

Humans are the culprits for introducing single-use plastic items like straws on the planet. Yes, these are convenient and super-efficient but the after effects are devastating Oreo shake.

  • The largest dumping yard is in the ocean and is twice the entire State of Texas. It is called “Great Plastic Garbage Patch” and includes plastic straws and other plastic dumps.
  • Sea animals and seabirds are choking themselves to death because they mistake these small degraded plastic material for food.
  • Humans are consuming their favourite seafood along with the plastic junk unknowingly.
  • The balance in the oceans is starting to shift and it is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fishes in the water if nothing is done.

These are the alarming effects of using Plastic straws daily and only we together can stop this plastic from going any further.

  • How can we stop this straw pollution?

There are alternatives available that we must adopt if we wish for the betterment of our planet. At, we sell Stainless Steel Straws. These are among the best straws that are completely reliable and user-friendly. Demanding a ban for plastic straws by using our steel straws could well bring a positive result for the community. Our fight against plastic straws is in progress and until you all join hands with use, plastic straws will keep on harming the planet.

Key Things about our stainless steel straws include:

  • Our straws are made of the finest quality material and will stay long enough then any other material.
  • They do not get corroded thanks to the stainless steel material used and are easy to wash as well.
  • These straws have a longer lifespan and are a preferred alternative over the plastic straws.
  • SS straws are not ideal for children and we recommend paper straws for the kids.

Head out to the shop page to purchase these straws.

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