How to achieve a plastic-free lifestyle?

Plastic is everywhere including in our food utensils, packaging, vehicles and even your car keys. Things we use most likely include some form of plastic compounds added to their composition. Because the material is so effective & useful, it is easy to forget all the dangers it poses. Although it is impossible to stop using it completely we could at least limit its exposure.

As more people are demanding for plastic alternatives with every passing year things are looking a little hopeful for the future. After all, we may achieve a plastic-free lifestyle for us and for future generations as well. There are few tips that can help us get rid of plastic athome.

Tips to achieve a plastic-free lifestyle

1. Prevent using toxic plastic products

There are three toxic plastic elements consider as the worst offenders. These are:

  • Polyvinyl Chloride – Includes lead, phthalates and other dangerous additives. Is found inside children’s toys, plastic wraps, peanut butter jars and even squeeze bottles.
  • Polystyrene – Another toxic element that is used in plastic cutlery, Styrofoam, single-use plastic dishes and more. It contains a compound named styrene that is a toxin for brain & nervous system
  • Polycarbonate – The material includes Bisphenol A and can be found in clear plastic cups, metal food can liners, juice container, sports drink bottle and others.

Although, there are many other toxic chemicals these are the worst offenders that we must definitely avoid at all cost.

2. Say NO to plastic water bottles

Filtered tap water shipped in plastic bottles is super expensive and a waste of your resources. The plastic water bottles are produced, shipped in huge numbers and this leads to the generation of plastic waste. Most of these bottles often do not get recycled and end up disturbing our marine life & environment. This is why we must say NO to the use of these bottles. It is our duty to ask for the alternatives or our future generations may suffer heavily due to this.

3. Bulk shopping

There are multiple benefits associated with bulk shopping should you choose this option. The more you purchase in bulk, the more you save in plastic packaging. While it is recommended to carry your own cloth/jute bag for grocery shopping, shopping in bulk can also help in our fight against single-use plastic. Plus, you will save in food costs when you buy in bulk.

4. Choose stainless steel items

There are few materials that are widely accepted and acknowledged as the replacement for plastic. Stainless steel is one of them. The material is corrosion-free, easy to clean and stays useful for a longer span of time. From cookware to containers, the material is a popular choice among all. We, at, sell Stainless Steel Straws, a highly recommended product to replace those toxic plastic straws. Check out our eco-friendly straws packages by clicking on the store page.

5. Ditch plastic scrubbers

At homes, we often use plastic scrubbers that are available in the market for our cleaning purpose. These can so easily be replaced with natural cloths for instance:

  • Use copper for scrubbing
  • Cotton or coconut dishcloth for dish cleaning
  • Cotton facecloth instead of plastic wipes

The old rags are certainly more useful and Eco-friendly items for use.

6. Turn to non-plastic containers

Plastic containers have additives that can easily get transferred to your food stored. Instead, use non-plastic containers and stay safe from those toxic additives entering your body. A travel mug, for instance, is a smart container option that you can carry everywhere. Also, there are glass lunch boxes, reusable water bottles, cloth sandwich bags and plenty more.

7. Stay away from single-use plastic

A common proverb which says that “if you can’t reuse it, refuse it.” Single-use plastic items have a detrimental impact on the environment as well as living organisms. While there are three R’s i.e. reduce, reuse, recycle; there is also a fourth one that we must lay emphasis on which is rethink. We must re-think our strategies and stop using those single-use plastic items. Our small steps will lead to a better planet that is plastic-free.

8. Find the right alternatives

For a plastic-free lifestyle choosing the right alternatives is crucial. There are stainless steel straws for plastic straws, glass jars for plastic containers, steel utensils for plastic cutlery and many more alternatives that are eco-friendly. Plastic items for all its effectiveness are truly harmful to the ecosystem and ditching them for greener alternatives is the best option to have. This is what we, at, recommend to everyone.

So, think more and choose less plastic. There are plenty of things we can do that can have an effect on the planet. Let’s do something that will make our planet a better one. Eventually, you and I will end up achieving a plastic-free lifestyle.

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