Why your plastic ban matters? | A note from us

Plastic isn’t the best material you will find on the planet but it is definitely among the worst elements that plague our oceans. Wildlife, environment and Humans, no one is spared from the plastic effect and the stats clearly shows it. Every morning the streets are filled with plastic straws, plastic bags and other plastic items scrambled as trash all over theplace. This is the reason why your plastic ban matters.

Start from home

There is no better place to start making an impact than from your home. Things to do include:

  • Completely eliminate the use of plastic bags
  • Use specially made jute/cloth bags for storing and carrying groceries everywhere
  • Neither heat your food in a plastic utensil nor store inside a refrigerator
  • Avoid plastic cutlery at all cost. It is used for once but has maximum impact on the environment

These are a few small things that can make a bigger impact starting from home.

Stop using single-use plastic

This is a plea from all of us at Stainless steel straws to please stop using single-use plastic if you wish for a better planet. Our stainless steel straws are offered as a serious alternative to replace those harmful single-use plastic straws that you will find at every restaurant outlet. These straws are used for once and then thrown away. They cannot be recycled, certainly do not decompose for centuries and contaminate the entirefood chain starting with the marine life. So, these are really quite toxic forthe planet on which we live.

  • SS straws, on the other hand, are more environment-friendly
  • Steel straws are highly durable and easy to wash
  • Steel straws are  lightweight and you can carry them everywhere

Similarly, there are jute bags for plastic bags; glass utensils for plastic cutlery; and more. These are some of the reliable alternatives for replacing single-use plastic items with immediate effect.

Clean your surroundings

Every morning there is a new pile of single-use plastic collected all over the streets. This is something that needs to be cleared out efficiently and effectively. By safely removing or disposing of the plastic straws/bags or other items around our street we can make a direct impact. Our initiative will urge others to join the movement and this is why our ban matters. There are no shortcuts to the plastic issue. We all should join hands and dispose of the plastic safely in order to prevent more oceanic pollution.

  • Dump those plastic straws into a single bin and recycle them through different means
  • Ask local recyclers for help and give them your collected pile of dump
  • Make a strong impact on the society and send a social message to everyone
  • Urge the authorities to ban these items forever

Spread the word

Your actions speak louder than words. So, in order to make a strong impact in your community, it is advisable to push for the ban on plastic. Spread the word around and educate people on how harmful the single-use plastic is. There is no dearth of alternatives and products that can easily replace plastic products. The only thing is, creating an awareness about these things.

  • Create banners and posters to support your cause
  • Educate people by showing them these videos and similar YouTube videos
  • Discuss how oceans have the largest garbage dumps on the planet
  • Show them the real grave picture and let them decide for themselves

Use alternatives

Like-for-like replacements are the only viable solution for these concerns. In this case, these replacements should fulfill the desired purpose apart from being environment-friendly. Stainless steel straws are the alternatives we provide but there are plenty more that you can use as well. For instance, steel straws are not ideal for kids and we recommend paper straws instead. This is because Children often cut their mouth while drinking from the steel straws so get paper straws for them.

From straight steel straws with a cleaner to bend straws in 50 pcs wholesale pack, we sell a wide range of steel straws at the best price.


These small steps that we take have a much greater impact on the surroundings as well as globally. There are multiple campaigns that started from a simple step and are now a platform that reignites faith.#SayNoToPlastic is one such movement that urged people to stop using plastic for good. It is now an international campaign and one of the popular hashtags trending on social media platforms. So, never underestimate the power of one. If you do your bit for the environment then surely the results will show.

Your plastic ban matters, remember that!

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