How to do your bit for the environment?

Humans, Pollution and the increasing rate of Global warming; our planet has succumbed a lot since the dawn of man. We are the ones to be blamed for all of this. India, the second largest populous country in the world is now ranked at the bottom of global environmental performance index this year. The unrestrained use of plastic is the major reason behind such shame. Products like plastic straws take up to 200 years to decompose but never degrade fully. These are non-biodegradable still, our demand for the use of plastic products is shooting up by the minute.

The environment in India is extremely severe and unless we do something about it, nothing will change. From abandoning the use of these plastics to adopting eco-friendly alternatives, there are few things to consider & do your bit for the environment.

Using stainless steel straws for a plastic-free lifestyle and do your bit for the environment

Stainless Steel straws are so good that you will forget those harmful plastic straws instantly. These eco-friendly straws can be easily sanitized and won’t break away even if you use them regularly. They do not harm the environment or the marine life. There are so many good reasons to adopt their use and dump plastic straws. Few of them are enlisted below:

1. Reusable Straws

Steel straws are definitely a good alternative for replacing the wasteful plastic straws. Reusability is the first & foremost benefit of these straws that makes them a handy product to choose. Unlike plastic, the SS straws are not your use & throw products. Reuse them as many times as you wish without losing their quality. This will save your money and protect the environment from plastic damage.

2. Durable & long lasting products

Eco straws as the name suggests are environmentally friendly products. These straws are made up of stainless steel material which makes them completely durable and long lasting. Furthermore, the metal straws are much better because they will never crack like the plastic ones after their first use. 

reusable straws
use alternative to plastics

3. Useful for all

The plastic straws are never renowned for being anything close to sturdy like steel. These straws are useful for potentially every type of beverages including protein shakes, oranges, iced tea and more. The reusable straws are versatile and fit for all.

4. Zero toxicity & BPA-free

Stainless steel is a rust & corrosion free material that eliminates any threat of bacterial germs. This means zero toxicity for your health when you take a sip of your favorite drink through these straws. SS straws are completely free from BPA material which seeps into your food & causes serious medical concerns.

Raising awareness through the use of plastic-free products like Stainless steel straws is an important step forward. Small steps like these can make a significant difference in ensuring a plastic-free lifestyle.

Let get together and make plastic free world

Save the environment

Your planet needs your help and so does the marine life. These plastic straws that you so easily throw away in the sea or drains could potentially hurt or kill the sea animals. You have no idea how deadly these plastic straws can be for the marine animals that absorb these products.

“The Last Straw Campaign” in 2017 was a collective effort by the restaurants & bar owners in India to ditch the use of plastic straws. Their effort heaped several praises among the society members who wished for a better India free from plastic. Plastic is a deadly virus that plagues our entire planet and a movement like this is always welcome.

A Pollution-free India with “No plastics” is a dream from all of us here. We believe that one-day plastic straws & products will no longer be used anywhere in the country. If there are any plastic straws in your possession then dispose of them properly. Do not let your plastic become the cause of someone’s pain. The environment and the surroundings need your help. So, do your bit.

Small steps are always better than no steps. Thus, use the stainless steel straws and say No to plastic.

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